Aliens: Colonial Marines

Product Classification: Games Title: Aliens: Colonial Marines Release Date: 12th February 2013 Genre: First-person shooter Rating: M-Rating (Blood, Gore, Violence and Strong Language) Developer: Gearbox Software, Nerve Software, … [Read more...]

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Product Classification: Games Title: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Release Date: 31st December 2013 Genre: Action RPG Rating: PG-12 Developer: Square Enix 1st Production Department Publisher: Square Enix Director: Motomu … [Read more...]


Product Classification: Games Title: Defiance Release Date: 2nd April 2013 Genre: Third-Person Shooter Rating: PG-15 Developer: Trion Worlds Publisher: Trion Worlds Platform: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation … [Read more...]

God of War: Ascension

Product Classification: Games Title: God of War: Ascension Release Date: 12th March 2013 Genre: Hack and Slash Action-Adventure Rating: PG-15 Developer: SCE Santa Monica Studio Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Platform: … [Read more...]

Beyond Two Souls

Product Classification: Games Title: Beyond Two Souls Release Date: 2013 Genre: Interactive Movie Rating: PG-15 Developer: Quantic Dream Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Platform: PlayStation 3 Mode: … [Read more...]