Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Product Classification: Games Title: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Release Date: 31st December 2013 Genre: Action RPG Rating: PG-12 Developer: Square Enix 1st Production Department Publisher: Square Enix Director: Motomu … [Read more...]

Star Trek Into Darkness

Product Classification: Movies Title: Star Trek Into Darkness Release Date: 17th May 2013 Genre: Sci-Fi Rating: PG-12 Screenplay: Mike Johnson Languages: English (USA) Editorial Fans will already know that ‘Star Trek Into … [Read more...]

Sim City

Product Classification: Games Title: Sim City Release Date: 5th March 2013 Genre: Construction management simulation and city-building Rating: PG-12 Developer: Maxis Publisher: Electronic Arts Platform: OS X and Microsoft … [Read more...]

Ender’s Game

Title: Ender’s Game Release Date: 1st November 2013 Genre: Sci-Fi Rating: PG-12 Director: Gavin Hood Production: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Orson Scott Card, Lynn Hendee Screenplay: Gavin Hood Based On: Ender's Game and … [Read more...]

Lost Planet 3

Product Classification: Games Title: Lost Planet 3 Release Date: 27th August 2013 Genre: Third-person shooter Rating: PG-12 Developer: Spark Unlimited Publisher: Capcom Director: Kenji Oguro Producer: Andrew … [Read more...]