Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Product Classification: Smartphone Title: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Date: Jan 2013 Manufacturer: Samsung Included: Samsung Apps/Hub, Game Hub, Media Hub (US customers), Learning Hub, Music Hub, Video Hub Description The … [Read more...]

Kogan Agora 5.0

Product Classification: Smartphone Title: Kogan Agora 5.0 Release Date: 2013 Manufacturer: Kogan Included: free kogan mobile starter kit, Agora 5.0” Dual-core Smartphone, Micro USB to USB Data & Charging Cable, USB to AC Power … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia Z

Product Classification: Smartphone Title: Sony Xperia Z Release Date: 1st Mar 2013 Manufacturer: Sony Included: pouch, battery, user manual Description The smartphone sector has been at the forefront of bringing new innovations and … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S4

Title: Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date: 2013 Manufacturer: Samsung Included: user manual, warranty, cables, connectors Description: The Samsung Galaxy S4 hit the markets on the 14th of March this year and we have taken the opportunity … [Read more...]

Oppo Find 5

Product Classification: Smartphones Title: Oppo Find 5 Release Date: 2013 Manufacturer: Oppo Included: user manual, warranty, cables, connectors Description: The Oppo Find 5 has a Quad-core 1.5GHz 13MP specification. This delivers … [Read more...]