Sylvania SDVD7002B

Product Classification: DVD Players

Title: Sylvania 7″ Portable DVD Player, LCD Screen

Release Date: 2013

Manufacturer: Sylvania

Included: AC and DC adapter, remote control, headphones, car cord

The Sylvania DVD player costs between $55 and $70 depending on the retailer. It comes in black and has a display screen of 7”. The product weighs 2.7lbs and measures 15” by 2.5” by 10”. The technology within this product allows you to enjoy pictures, music and movies at the drop of a hat. There is an in-built rechargeable battery which is capable of going on the trot for up to 2.5 hours. You can easily charge this DVD player using the AC/DC adapter. The unit can be plugged into a home socket or via your car dashboard. A pair of speakers has been added to the unit and they allow you to hear all the sounds clearly. There is also an output jack that allows you to use headphones if you so wish.

Sylvania SDVD7002B Product Features

One of the best things about the Sylvania DVD player is the fact that it is so portable. You can take it to functions quite as easily as you can use it at home. There are no complex set-up procedures because it is literally a plug-in and play device. The product offers you a number of interesting formats including the wide screen (16:9) which is known to improve the quality of viewing significantly. We already know that the Sylvania DVD player is compatible with most formats that are in current use including VCD, DVD, MP3, DVD-/+, JPEG, CD R/RW and R/RW. This means that you are not unnecessarily restricted in the type of entertainment you can access using this product.

A remote control is included in the package and it means that you can control the action from afar. The player is accompanied by a diagonal LCD which is just right for these types of processes. The side and remote controls are user-friendly. They also give you control over the content your children are watching as well as settling the family disputes on which program is going to be watched. The downside is that you do not get internet connectivity. Perhaps this is something that the makers of the product might want to consider in the future especially given the fact that the Sylvania DVD player is meant to be a complementary entertainment product. We know that modern entertainment hinges on the internet most of the time.

Some people are of the view that DVD players are going out of fashion but that is not the impression that we get in our homes. There is still space for a simple product that allows people to enjoy the latest blockbusters in the privacy of their homes. In any case the Sylvania DVD player is a good example of a product in its class. If you want this type of direct entertainment then the product is as good a choice as any.

Although there were a few problems with stuck CDs, by and large the Sylvania DVD player was a triumph. It is a product whose shelf life might be overtaken by the internet but it certainly does not lack in terms of quality.

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