Netgear GTV100-100NAS NeoTV Prime with Google TV

Product Classification: Digital Entertainment Devices

Title: Netgear GTV100-100NAS NeoTV

Release Date: 2013

Manufacturer: Netgear

Included: NeoTV Streaming Player (GTV100), Remote control with touchpad and QWERTY keyboard, Two (2) AAA batteries, IR blaster, Power adapter and a Quick start guide

The Netgear GTV100-100NAS is a NEO TV prime product with Google TV capabilities. It costs between $130 and $150. This product allows you to easily discover the programs that you like on live television and apps or even via the web. It will process your preferences such that it can recommend things that might be of interest. Eventually you will discover some shows and movies that are right up your street but ones which you were not aware of. The product enhances your YouTube experiences because it mimics a real television channel but one which is specifically configured in such a way as to focus on your needs and preferences. If you are fed up of switching channels then this is the best thing you can buy in 2013.

Product Details for Netgear GTV100-100NAS NeoTV Prime with Google TV

With a single button you can change your world for the better. The Netgear GTV100-100NAS is really an entertainment package. It is the best way of searching the internet and television schedules in order to find those programs that are most likely to appeal to you. Too much time is spend searching for things when in reality there is only a select list of products that will appeal to you, and save you time and money. Very soon the Google Search function will be restricted to those things that you want to see or hear about. A touchpad remote makes it easier to access this information. However you can also make use of the QWERTY Keyboard which is designed to mimic the real-life experience you get when using a PC.

This product weighs just 1.4lbs. Its dimensions are 8.2” by 7.3” by 2.5”. You can expect a shipping weight of no more than 2lbs. Although the digitalization of television has brought many advantages, it has also meant that we are constantly inundated with all sorts of remote controls. Bringing it all together in a package which is ultimately very easy to use regardless of your level of expertise. However the functionality of this product is not limited to television alone because it takes in many of the forums that we are used to in modern life.

Enabling you to access thousands of apps and then compare them against your preferences in order to restrict your viewing to the things that are of interest to you. This is the product that will gain you access to a huge library of information and entertainment courtesy of Google Play. You can use Google Chrome in order to browse the internet. The Bluetooth specification means that you can work easily with a remote, a keyboard and a touchpad. You will need an HDMI cable which is not included at the moment. The product has an in-built Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) as well as 10/100 Ethernet (RJ-45).

Some people may not consider the Netgear GTV100-100NAS to be essential to their lives. However one try and you will be hooked forever. It is the best way of customizing your entertainment.

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