JXD S7300 Gamepad 2

JXD S7300 Gamepad 2Product Classification: Game Console

Title: JXD S7300 Gamepad 2

Release Date: Jan/Feb 2013

Genre: Gaming Entertainment PG

Developer: JXD

Manufacturer: JXD Hong Kong

Included: 8GB TF memory card, pouch bag, Willgoo branded cleaning cloth

Willgoo is currently offering the JXD S7300 Gamepad 2 on a pre-order scheme. The dual core specification gives you more power than ever before, notwithstanding all the other little things they have added to it. Every order will come with an 8GB memory card. Thank God for tender mercies…the lack of adequate memory is one of the most frustrating things you can experience when playing a video game. The provider has helpfully added a cleaning cloth with a logo and a practical pouch bag. It is not particularly useful but adds credibility to the set. The screen protector is a thoughtful addition to a device that is pretty much self-sufficient.

JXD S7300 Gamepad 2 Specifications

You get a choice of either black or white. However rumor has it that there could be other colors depending on the success of the initial launch. JXD has successfully broken the apparent monopolies of tablets, phones and phablets. The JXD S7300 Gamepad 2 offers a new way of thinking about the technology and functionality of the products within the segment. The Hong Kong Company brings finesse and practicability to this game console, a device which does a lot more than its name would suggest.

The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS means faster operations than the original JXD S5100. This translates into responsive controls and characters that do not behave as if they are up to their eyeballs in drugs.

Portability is not an issue since this is a hand-held console complete with a modern 5-point capacitive touch screen (7-inches). It is capable of 1024 by 600 pixels, an unusually high resolution. It is all too easy to forget that gaming is not just about the movements but also the imagery on the screen in front of you. The Amlogic 1.5GHz dual core processor is capable of virtually everything. It provides sufficient power to undertake all the intricate functions of a premium game.

The JXD S7300 Gamepad 2 comes with an impressive list of perks such as 1GB of RAM to complement the 8GB of internal memory. There is a Mali 400 GPU and microSD storage capacity. All this comes at a reasonable price. Inevitably the price is bound to come down with time but those who cannot wait will not regret paying today’s price. The release date for the JXD S7300 Gamepad 2 is scheduled between the end of January and the beginning of February. Further details will be communicated as soon as they become available.

The power of the JXD S7300 Gamepad 2 is in its ability to break the monopoly of traditional devices like the smartphone. That is a revolutionary concept and one that is driven by marketing concerns. For gamers, this means that they get to enjoy the full visual spectrum of the storylines that are being presented to them. Credit has to go to JXD for not over-pricing the product.

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