Sony DSC-W710/B 16 MP Digital Camera

Product Classification: Cameras

Title: Sony DSC-W710/B 16 MP Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD

Release Date: 2013

Manufacturer: Sony

Included: carrier bag, user manual, warranty, batteries

The Sony DSC-W710/B 16 is a digital camera that boasts a 2.7” LCD display. It comes in black and costs between $100 and $150 depending on the retailer. The product comes with a 16.1 megapixel reading as well as 5x optical zoom captures. This means that you see the subjects of the photographs in detail. It is also possible to capture videos using the 720 HD Movie mode. The camera allows for expressive stills using the Beauty and Picture Effect. Through the aid of an advanced flash light, this product illuminates objects that are in the distance. That means that it is possible to take a perfect photograph at a distance.

Sony DSC-W710/B 16 MP Digital Camera Features

With its Sweep Panorama mode, it is possible to undergo a full revolution in order to take the best picture possible in the circumstances. The optical sensor resolution is 16.1MP and the camera has a display size of 2.7”. It terms of portability; it weighs 1 lb and measures 4.3”by 3.3” by 8.6”. This is the gadget you need to shoot HD videos and clear photographs which can be shared on social networking websites including YouTube and FaceBook. The 16.1MP sensor is more than capable of producing high resolution images that are worthy of a real professional. You can capture all sorts of close-ups using the 5x optical zoom feature. The Beauty Effects allow you to edit pictures from the camera itself.

The Sony DSC-W710/B 16 allows you to change skin tones, whiten particular areas and remove blemishes. The 720p AVI Movie Mode is just one of the highlights of this delightful product. The Picture Effect allows you to add a lot more expression to the photographs that you are taking. The clarity and contrast on each image is a testament to the technical detail within the Sony DSC-W710/B 16. The list of effects reads like a who’s-who of the professional camera world. You can retouch virtually everything. Pop Color allows you to add new dimensions to otherwise mundane photographs. The great thing is that everything is illuminated as you work regardless of the amount of light that you have to work with.

The Sweep Panorama is amazing which allows you to make the full 360-degree turn in order to capture images better. It is perfect for photographing landscapes. Moreover you are given the option of shooting multiple images at very high speed. The Sony DSC-W710/B 16 is capable of shooting many images and then combining them into a seamless tableaux. When you use the 720p AVI movie mode, it is possible to shoot HD movies at 30 fps with 1280p by 720p clarity. This is the same specification that you would expect in a good Personal Computer.

Amongst the many strong point that the Sony DSC-W710/B 16 brings to the table is the fact that it is very easy to use. It turns amateur photographers into real professionals; albeit as a consequence of some spunky technology and user-friendly features.

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