defiance eds reviewProduct Classification: Games

Title: Defiance

Release Date: 2nd April 2013

Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Rating: PG-15

Developer: Trion Worlds

Publisher: Trion Worlds

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Mode: Multiplayer

Languages: English (International)

Perhaps the title ‘Defiance’ is appropriate in the wake of the often voiced anti-gun public sentiment in the USA following a series of fatal shootings. However this video game is rooted in the world of science fiction and does not represent the kind of violent output that so many people are becoming wary of. As an MMO shooter example, ‘Defiance’ brings the best out of the Trion Worlds team. The game is set several decades ahead in a terra-formed earth. Those who have watched the Syfy show with the same title will immediately notice the links which are not incidental.

Defiance Overview

Interestingly ‘Defiance’ is set in San Francisco Bay. This follows a terraforming even which is both massive and global. It changes the landscape following the fall of both animals and plants. This in turn leads to the rise of new species. A number of Aliens came to colonize the earth and this led to a devastating war which changed the planet. Votans (Humans and Aliens) were forced to live side by side. The player takes on the role of ‘Ark Hunters’ who are enlisted by Karl the CEO of the Von Bach Industries. They are meant to travel to the Bay Area in order to find alien technologies. The rewards for players include cash and harder challenges. The game requires the ‘Ark Hunters’ to compete against one another.

The dynamic events that are so prevalent in ‘Defiance’ are called Arkfalls. They are similar to the obstacles in Rift. Indeed they are chunks of material that are from alien ships. They are full of technology which is rare and ultimately expensive. Therefore these Arkfalls also act as congregation spaces for fortune-hunters and enemies. It is inevitable that there will be fearsome battles for control of the resources that are found there. ‘Defiance’ moves away from the standard formats of the MMO games in as much as it has origins instead of classes. Therefore the activity of the player always has historical context. In addition the players are not limited in terms of the outfits and weapons that they can choose from.

Consequently ‘Defiance’ allows the players to determine their appearance in ways that are not present amongst other games in the genre. For example they can choose particular tattoos, hair and clothing in order to suit their personal preferences. Of course you can opt to be either a Human or an Irathient. The latter is a humanoid alien species. The weaponry is extensive and diverse including grenades, rifles and shotguns. It is possible to modify these weapons using grips, sights and even magazine upgrades. Another feature involves injecting ‘Ark Hunters’ with an Environmental Guardian Online or EGO. This is a bionetic implant with symbiotic and neuro-muscular capabilities as developed courtesy of the Von Bach Industries. The ultimate usefulness of the EGO is their assistance when navigating the Bay Area.

A collection of characters have been assembled and they give ‘Defiance’ gravitas. They include Karl Von Bach who is responsible for hiring the players and Varus Soleptor who is a Votan of the Liberata group. He is incredibly wealthy. Torc Mok is a Sensoth and a former solder. Rosa Rodriguez is a genius who is responsible for the operation of the Top-Notch Toolworks. Others are Cass Ducar, Eren Niden, John Cooper, Irisa Nyira and Joshua Nolan.

The setting is the strongest point for ‘Defiance’. However we should not forget to give credit to the characterization and the technical capabilities of the video game.

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