AVADirect’s Clevo P570WM X79 Gaming Notebook

avadirect p570wm x79 notebookProduct Classification: Notebook

Title: AVADirect’s Clevo P570WM X79 Gaming Notebook

Release Date: 2013

Manufacturer: AVADirect

The AVADirect Clevo P570WM X79 Gaming Notebook is soon to be with us and currently available on a pre-order basis for US residents. It is a great complement to the thriving industry of notebooks which are effectively designed to replace the traditional desktop computer. Nevertheless it is also true that there are many OEMs who have decided that the DTR sector is not bringing in enough money to justify their continued presence there. Some of the more upmarket DTR notebooks are mimicking that is euphemistically called a ‘mobile workstation. AVADirect’s Clevo P570WM X79 Gaming Notebook will be joining a host of other fairly successful products including the M17/18 Xs for Alienware which can broadly be classified as 17.3-inch gaming notebooks.

P570WM X79 Features

The AVADirect Clevo P570WM X79 Gaming Notebook promises powerful features that are almost akin to what we used to anticipate from the traditional desktop. Their CPU is equally complex and brings new functionality. This device has P570WM characteristics and is capable of supporting the Intel Sock 2011 processors. It is ensconced in a fairly substantial chassis which is complemented by a big power brick. Of course there have been others who have tried their hand at the X79 Gaming Notebook niche with mixed success. The Clevo P270WM was advertized by the same company in 2012. However the production process was hit by a series of mishaps which meant that the project had to be abandoned.

Has AVADirect learned any lessons? It seems that the Clevo P570WM X79 is set for a great entrance in the tech world of modern gadgets. It would be disingenuous to suggest that all the design elements of the Clevo P270WM were abandoned because that cannot make business sense. Instead it seems that they have revamped the formula and sorted out some of the teething problems that gave them such a hard time on the last occasion. In fact one might suggest that the Clevo P570WM X79 has inherited the mantle that was left by the X7200/X7201 which were capable of supporting 1366 CPUs.

The specifications for the Clevo P570WM X79 follow that route save for a few important additions. The new chipset deserved an equally new processor. The memory construction is of the quad-channel variety, an upgrade from the previous tri-channel setup. The entry line is that of the LGA-2011 processors. This is then upgraded to the i7-3820 quad-core, i7-3930K hex-core, as well as the i7-3960X hex-core. If you get the 3960X instead of the 3930K you will notice that the difference between the two is the 3MB worth of L3 cache on the former device. Both of them unlock the hex-core features. Thus it is fairly easy to cover the 100Mhz of clock speed that separates the two.

Those of you who are thinking of over clocking the CPUT in order improve performance should approach with care. This is a Sandy Bridge-E processor which is the electronic equivalent of a gas guzzler in terms of power consumption. In any case the Clevo P570WM X79 boasts SLI GTX 670MX/SLI GTX 680M dual-GPU graphics. The single-GPU configuration covers GTX 680M as well as the Quadro K5000M. You get a chassis with 2.5” HDD/SSD bays. Of course you can go for the option of the 2.5” optical drive bay which allows you to utilize up to 4 hard drives.

There is no doubt that the Clevo P570WM X79 is powerfully constructed. It is one of the true inheritors of the desktop without the baggage of size. It would be unwise to discount this product.

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