Beyond Two Souls

beyond two souls eds reviewProduct Classification: Games

Title: Beyond Two Souls

Release Date: 2013

Genre: Interactive Movie

Rating: PG-15

Developer: Quantic Dream

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Platform: PlayStation 3

Mode: Single-player

Media: Blu-ray Disc

Languages: English (International)

‘Beyond Two Souls’ will be many things to many people. It is simultaneously a psychological thriller and spiritual video game which is designed for the PlayStation 3. The Quantic Dream team has been experimenting with many different formats and this is their way of changing our understanding of video gaming. A trailer of ‘Beyond Two Souls’ was released at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo. It showed that they had really worked on the graphics. Apparently the script for the game is nearly two thousand pages according to Ellen Page. That means that there is probably lots of content to look forward to. She should know since she portrays the main character Jodie Holmes.

Beyond Two Souls Overview

The protagonist in ‘Beyond Two Souls’ is portrayed using motion capture technology, another sign of the kind of work that has been going on. The main theme in the game is the aftermath of game. Specifically the players are part of the exploration. Players will be able to take Holmes through a 15-year period of her life starting when she was 8 and ending when she was 23. This allows the player to discover the true meaning of Idan, an entity. This entity is Holmes’ companion throughout the story. This is the 4th major outing for Quantic Dream and they have already established their credentials as video game developers of the highest order. Their previous titles included Omikron, Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain. The developers are known for their sense of introspection and that is not lost in ‘Beyond Two Souls’.

David Cage was part of the promotional team and created a small demo titled ‘Kara’. This was a chance to see the software at work even where the characters were not yet included in the mix. It soon became clear that this was a team that was intent on using modern technology and taking it to the next level. Therefore the game will be of interest not just because of its deep themes but also because it has changed the way in which we play video games. The Developer is of French origin and therefore some of the unconventional approaches to gaming are to be expected. It certainly provides a welcome from the generic games today that tend to take on the perspective of America, almost to the exclusion of any other context.

Perhaps there may be concern that the deep themes in ‘Beyond Two Souls’ will be lost on the game players but the creation of a single character is a great way to mitigate such concerns. In any case this game is interesting from the perspective of having a leading female character. Of course we have had Lara Croft but ‘Beyond Two Souls’ continues the tradition of breaking the mold and creating something new for the audiences.

The themes that are prevalent within ‘Beyond Two Souls’ make it an unusual video game. It takes the subject of death and afterlife while at the same time exploring the technical possibilities of developing a video game. Both these aims have been achieved and the game also retains a certain exotic appeal. If you are looking for an unusual treat then ‘Beyond Two Souls’ is the answer.

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