The Last of Us

the last of usProduct Classification: Games

Title: The Last of Us

Release Date: 7th May 2013

Genre: Action-Adventure and Survival Horror

Rating: M-Violence

Developer: Naughty Dog

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Platform: PlayStation 3

Mode: Single Player/Multiplayer

Media: Blu-ray Disc

Languages: English (International)

‘The Last of Us’ is a bonus video game in more ways than one. For example Sony offered its demo as part of the package for ‘God of War: Ascension’. This offer in no way suggests that the game is inferior. In fact some would go as far as to say that ‘The Last of Us’ is the better product. Naughty Dog is fond of doing these great deals for their games. Joel and Ellie’s world is not a new concept for the gaming aficionados. However it has a tendency to grip you whenever you are re-exposed to it. Setting that aside; the plot and the action in ‘The Last of Us’ are riveting.

The Last of Us Overview

Those of you who think that the survival horror genre is rather passé will be surprised by the dexterity of ‘The Last of Us’. This is a video game that is able to make a smooth transition into action-adventure almost at will while maintaining the more frightening details of the concept. The main focus of the game is Joel (an adult who is voiced by Troy Baker) and Ellie (a child who is voiced by Ashley Johnson). They are survivors and the story follows them as they trek across the USA in post-apocalyptic times.
The game play is primarily the third-person narrative given the fact that the concept surrounds a story of survivors. However there are distinct roles assigned and players can get involved in the action by controlling the actions of Joel. The Al controls Ellie in this format. Apart from its cover system, the game involves a fair amount of combat and shooting thus its M-rating. ‘The Last of Us’ borrows some concepts from the Zombie franchise because the player has to fight off former humans who have since been infected. At the same time there are other real humans who are hostile to the survivor duo and they too must be fought off with skill.

As part of the development, ‘The Last of Us’ has added a new mechanical gameplay feature titled ‘dynamic stealth’. Essentially this allows the player to select a number of strategies in order to deal with new circumstances. That means that the outcomes are by no means certain and that adds to the interest in the video game. In any case the storyline has its merits, having been set over two decades. Here the fungus of the cordyceps group had killed off millions of people. Nature took its course and started to recapture the abandoned landscape. Survivors huddle together in quarantined areas. The US military is responsible for screening people and separating those who have been infected. Joel is a previously amoral black market merchant who makes a promise to a friend to save Ellie, a young girl who is under the yoke of Marshall Law.

As far as apocalyptic games go, ‘The Last of Us’ is doing what we expect. The two characters are touching and bring warmth to the otherwise harsh world of Marshall Law. The gameplay is excellent and the concepts are riveting.

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