God of War: Ascension

god of war ascension eds reviewProduct Classification: Games

Title: God of War: Ascension

Release Date: 12th March 2013

Genre: Hack and Slash Action-Adventure

Rating: PG-15

Developer: SCE Santa Monica Studio

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Platform: PlayStation 3

Mode: Single Play and Multiple Play

Media: Blu-Ray Disc

Languages: English (International)

This is the fourth installation of the ‘God of War’ series. They have stuck to Sony Santa Monico, the producers who worked on the video game’s predecessors. Moreover ‘God of War: Ascension’ is indeed a prequel to the first of the series on PlayStation. It is a multiplayer/single player mode game with many options for the gaming enthusiast. We know that they have included the original Cyclope, a relic of the Odyssey of Homer. However that appearance is restricted to the multiplayer version of the game. Everybody else will just have to content with the other characters. You can look forward to seeing Polyphemus. This is the gigantic scion of Poseidon, a one-eyed creation.

God of War: Ascension Overview

The story is a mixture of ancient Greek mythology and modern gaming folklore. Odysseus has landed on the island belonging to the Cyclopes. This happens on his way home after the mythical Trojan War. Consequently he is forced to leave 11 ships behind. One accompanies him so that he can explore the other areas. After some travel the party reaches a mysterious island. It has a cave that is populated with goats and sheep. Odysseus decides to leave his boat ashore and selects 12 men to accompany him as he explores the island further.

In the event the cave turns out to be the home of Polyphemus, a scion of Poseidon. By the time the party discovers this critical fact, they are already in the cave. Consequently the Cyclops capture and imprison Odysseus together with his men. Six of the party are eventually killed. In an apparent show of reconciliation Odysseus offers Polyphemus a gift. It is a rare wine that was gifted to Odysseus by Maron in the first place. When Polyphemus drinks the wine, he becomes intoxicated and loses his sense of caution. At that point Odysseus introduces himself to the Cyclops, offering friendship. When they ask what his name is, Odysseus says that it is ‘Nobody’. Polyphemus remembers the significance of that name but then passes out.

Odysseus takes the opportunity to rally his men. They drive a flaming stake into Polyphemus, blinding him. When the other giants hear his cries of pain, they begin to wonder. Polyphemus exclaims that ‘Nobody hurt me’. The ironic name confuses the giants and they ignore Polyphemus, incorrectly assuming that he is merely drunk. When morning arrives Odysseus and his party link their bodies to the undersides of the sheep that belonged to Polyphemus. As the Cyclops let the animals out to graze, the party also escapes since the Cyclops only checked the top of the sheep.

There is nothing to say about the storyline in ‘God of War: Ascension’. It is as perfect as can be. If the game can be half as absorbing as the story then there is no doubt that this game is going to dominate the rankings.

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