Aliens: Colonial Marines

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Title: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Release Date: 12th February 2013

Genre: First-person shooter

Rating: M-Rating (Blood, Gore, Violence and Strong Language)

Developer: Gearbox Software, Nerve Software, TimeGate Studios and Demiurge Studios

Publisher: Sega and Engine Red Ring

Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Cloud computing

Mode: Single-Player and Multiplayer

Media: Blu-ray Disc, DVD and Nintendo optical disc

Languages: English (International)

The action in ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ is the main selling point of the game. The player becomes part of an elite squad of the US Colonial Marines who are tasked with facing off an Alien assault. The game progressively intensifies and some of the horrific details are the reasons for the high PG rating. The developers have included some classic weaponry that we normally associated with this type of game play including pulse rifles as well as flamethrowers. There is lots of brand new equipment to explore in this game. You can choose to either play as an individual or as a quartet. The setup allows the players to share experiences as they encounter chilling events throughout the gameplay.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Overview

You may want to try the co-op mode where the players can assume different personas within the squad. Each will be given a distinct role to play which is critical for the overall success of the project. Therefore you are always working as a group. The beauty of this setting is that it allows you to choose the level of involvement. The Alien franchise reached the height of its powers following a chilling movie portrayal. In some ways the ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ game benefits from this success. However the mechanics of setting the game are impressive too. For example the sentry turrets are an inspired choice within the arsenal of tools that are made available for the players. You get everything from shotguns to RPGs. Another interesting tool is the welding torch which you can use to block the pathway of an enemy.

By dropping the squad gameplay which had been proposed originally, the makers of ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ have ensured that the game is accessible to a lot more people. However we know that there is no HUD information outlet on the screen and some people might find that a tad disappointing. Players are encouraged to fight a number of enemies along the way but at the same time they are also required to defend the posts that have already been conquered. Through overcoming the obstacles that have been placed before them, players may be given the chance to customize the appearance of the characters within the game.

‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ has imported the xenomorphs who were part and parcel of the first three items in the franchise. These are the Drone alien, Queen, Chestburster, Warrior and Facehugger. However they have also added new xenomorphs courtesy of the improved Gearbox Software suite. The gore notwithstanding, this is a great game. Some of the features are not yet revealed but what we know so far shows that there is great potential.

‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ is not for the faint hearted. If you are looking to enjoy a quiet game with basically harmless characters then you are not likely to commend this video game product. However for fans of the franchise, the game play represents a very good version of what we have come to expect. The weaponry, characters and plot line are the key highlights in ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’.

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