Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 eds reviewProduct Classification: Games

Title: Grand Theft Auto V

Release Date: Spring 2013

Genre: Car-Racing/Shoot-Out Adventure

Rating: PG-15


Publisher: Rockstar Games

Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Mode: Multiplayer

Languages: English (International)

Grand Theft Auto V is the 5th installation in an iconic series that for a long time set the standard on what a video game should be. It is a Rockstar Games release which stands in contrast to the customary GTA Gas releases. The main story of the series has been picked up and developed in this product. The protagonist is cryptically nameless. Although it is not yet clear whether Grand Theft Auto V will be available on PC and Wii, there are a number of platforms that have been confirmed including the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. [please leave a comment below if you know]

Grand Theft Auto V Overview

There is nothing particularly exotic about the setting in Grand Theft Auto V. It is in San Andreas, an area that is supposed to represent the creator’s vision of California. Rockstar North has created a legendary franchise that is going to continue being influential in the genre for years to come. The scenery is interesting enough with a combination of hilly countryside and sunny beaches. The released screenshots of the game do not do justice to the kind of production work that has gone into the project. You will have to buy a copy in order to get the feel of the improvements they have made when compared to the other releases in the series.

Some people already started the pre-orders as far back as the 5th of November 2012. There is also a digital app which tells the story of the release in about eighteen pages. Despite the detailed scenery work, we are informed that Grand Theft Auto V will not feature the entirety of the Los Santos area but will rather focus on a few hot spots for the action. Almost all the mechanics that were in the previous series have been adopted in this release. The cars that are going to be the focus of the user experience have been improved in terms of their technical specifications. For example they are better at holding onto the ground when compared to their predecessors.

Apparently GTA 5 boasts the first full eco system complete with mayhem and opportunities for confrontation. A case in point is the presence of realistic guard dogs outside military installations. Players can choose to be one of the three protagonists in the game. Of course we cannot forget the incredible character-swapping options which are brought to you courtesy of Google Earth features. Unlike the third installation, Grand Theft Auto V does not allow players to buy hotels or houses. However there are other things that can you can buy. Sadly you do not get to raise your RPG status.

One of the most interesting additions to Grand Theft Auto V is yoga. It is but one of the other activities including tennis, triathlons and jet skiing. This is a fun game that tries to mimic real life with great success. You can use the mobile phone to surf the internet and call friends. Those who are looking for cheeky fun can even flip-off.

Grand Theft Auto V is really a mixture of the old and new. Credit has to go to the creators for focusing on those elements which made the previous installations interesting. The variety of activities and improved gameplay makes this a must-have product.

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