Star Trek Into Darkness

star trek into darkness eds reviewProduct Classification: Movies

Title: Star Trek Into Darkness

Release Date: 17th May 2013

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: PG-12

Screenplay: Mike Johnson

Languages: English (USA)

Fans will already know that ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is going to carry on from where its 2009 predecessor left. This was a reworking of the original Gene Roddenbury work. The USS Enterprise crew are in their element, bringing back memories of Starfleet Academy. There is a comic book series courtesy of IDW Publishing which will accompany the main pack. It seems that they are not leaving anything to chance when it comes to providing fans with the information they need.

Star Trek Into Darkness Overview

The gap between the two movies (2009 and 2013) is to a great extent bridged by the accompanying booklet. The great thing about ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is that it is chronologically consistent. You do not have to worry about trying to link the acts to the story in its entirety. The crew has been assembled for the express purpose of exploring different dimensions. It is interesting to note that the stars are novices. Therefore the William Shatner mold has been broken. Despite their relative inexperience, the crew is faced with the same difficulties that their predecessors entertainingly dealt with.

First there is the Romulan Nero, a vengeful being who is hell-bent on destroying the planet. James T. Kirk is ‘Captain of the Ship’, a role that he seems to relish. Leadership comes with responsibility and isolation. These are conflicts which Kirk brings to the fore. On the other hand First Officer Spock is ever controlled, preferring to channel his energies into the mission at hand. This is a consequence of a Vulcan heritage. Another interesting sub-plot is the fact that Spock is on a rescue mission while his ‘home’ is actually under attack from an existential threat.

The other cast members including Sulu, Uhura, Bones, Scotty and Chekov have a lot of learning to do. They are under strict orders to check out Phaedus, the ringed planet. This new terrain has not made First Contact and that can only mean that they are yet to encounter life outside their own sphere. A high frequency energy jolt is detected and this encourages the crew to have a go.

Alice Eve is the incredibly young Dr. Carol Marcus while Benedict Cumberbatch is the villain John Harrison. This is a tale that is an accurate representation of what we anticipate the reboot universe is like. One problem that could have arisen was the tendency to borrow too much from the mainstream movies. However Uhura and Spock are just perfect. The debate over whether the comic book is better than the movie will rage on and on. However it seems that the assembled company understands what is at stake. They are taking over from a great tradition of Sci-Fi. The freshness of the characters is telling and might be the making of the project.

Sci-Fi is cooler than ever and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is coming into town. You get both the old lovable roles which are reprised by new actors in both the literal and figurative sense. The movie does not abandon its Sci-Fi heritage although they use mainstream movie actors. If you want to be introduced to the genre then ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is the answer.

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