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Continuous Umbrella softbox Lighting Light Black/White/green High Key Muslin Backdrop Stand Kit- 1400 watt output

This kit is the perfect set up for web retailers or anyone wants to get a high quality videos and shots.

This is a new professional quality light continuous fluorescent umbrella lighting kit with backdrops stand kit.

This is the top of the line umbrella softbox kit that delivers superior power for all of your digital imaging applications.

This kit is centered around these new 2×45 watt and 2x 135 watt high output compact fluorescent lamps that produce 1400 watts of useable light.

Rapid softbox set up in seconds. It is a umbrella like softbox for quick set up.

Heavy duty backdrop stand up to 7′ high; 100% metal cross bars up to 10′ wide. Backdrop measuring 6’x9′. One of the thickest high key muslin backdrops available; There is a loop on top for easy mounting. No clamps needed.

Works great for portrait, video or product photography.

Photo Bulb: 45 watt fluorescent light bulb = 200 watt Incandescent light bulbs each and 135 watt fluorescent light bulb = 500 watt Incandescent light bulbs each with a day light balanced color temperature of 5500K. The total output for the 4 lights is 1400 Watt. These high-output daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs are ideally suited for digital photography. They also have very low heat .

Package includes:

2x200W(EQV) 5500K Professional Light bulbs
2x500W(EQV) 5500K Professional Light bulbs
4x 7′ Adjustable stands
2 light holders
2x 33″ translucent umbrellas
2x 20″x28″ rapid softbox with built in socket and front diffuser
1 piece black 6’x9′ High Key muslin backdrop
1 piece white 6’x9′ High Key muslin backdrop
1 piece green 6’x9′ high key muslin backdrop
1 set 7’x10′ backdrop stand kit with carrying case


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