Xbox One w/o Kinect

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The Xbox One, is Microsoft’s version of the Xbox One console that does not come with the Kinect motion sensor as a mandatory purchase, Microsoft is hoping for some big things from that variant. Microsoft in the present-generation console sales race, and it’s been argued that pricing is one of the reasons behind the Xbox One’s lack of success in comparison to the PlayStation 4. And if you want to pre-order this option.

Microsoft’s pre-orders for the $399 Xbox One without Kinect 2 have been open since Thursday, May 29, and everything is simple and straightforward – no shipping or handling charges, and buyers can expect the device to arrive at their homes on the June 9 release date, should they pre-order ahead of then. Credit cards will not be charged until the console has been shipped.

GameStop has some interesting pre-order mechanics for $399 Xbox One buyers – for one, it is possible to pick up the item in-store if you pay it off before the June 9 release date and have a GameStop outlet near you. And buying in-store would allow you to trade-in your old Xbox 360 or any old games, as the trade-in value can be used against the price of the $399 Xbox One. Amazon and Target also allow for pre-orders, and like Microsoft, there’s nothing to it – no hidden catches, no extra discounts or freebies, no option for trade-ins. However, Target should also allow for in-store pickup due to the numerous locations it has in the U.S.


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