Google Glass

Product Classification: Google Products

Title: Google Glass

Release Date: 2013

Manufacturer: Google

Included: user manual, warranty

Google Glass is not without its critics. Some people see this as a sinister invasion which is going to change our conception of privacy. Others are happy at the developments because they represent the next level in experimental technology. Perhaps the design team can do something by way of PR in terms of making them look less conspicuous. This is the type of product that is a true realization of the world that sci-fi movies were trying to portray. The concept was announced about a year ago but has since moved on to the production stage. Some commentators are up in arms about the idea of a pair of glasses that threaten to change most of the things that they have known on a long term basis.

Product Features

According to the promoters of this concept, this is a way of wearing your computer instead of actually merely using it. If the concept works then it will represent yet another triumph for the hugely successful Silicon Valley technology initiatives. The nearest comparison is the smart watch from Samsung and the talking shoes that were proposed by the same brand that has done this particular product. These glasses are capable of shooting video footage as well as allowing you to surf the internet on the move. Send an email by merely speaking because those are the things that are being proposed using this device. The design is like something that a geek would wear but it masks the true capabilities of this creation. Those in the know say that this is one way to access the much-vaunted augmented reality existence.

The glasses have a mini computer and web browser. This displays the digital information you need on a small screen. It is nothing more than a plastic block which is no bigger than a pencil. This critical component is placed above the eye. The headset then has an arm which is placed at the temple. It is effectively your touch pad when you want to access the menus. All you need to do is slide your fingers across it in order to shift to the next text. You select a particular menu by tapping the head sheet. Perhaps it might have been a good idea to have a real working pad so that you can do away with the traditional screen. It would be so wonderful to be able to watch movies without having to worry about bulky screens.

A tiny speaker and microphone are added to this pair of glasses. There is a motion sensor that can interpret your commands based on the movements of your hands. In effect this is a smartphone that is placed on your head. The removal of controls is supposed to make things so much simpler than before. You can dictate emails and other texts using voice commands. After that you can read back on the computer to confirm that the computer has heard what you were saying.

Although some naysayers have been complaining, we feel that the Google Glass product is just about to change a lot of things in the world of technology. That can only be a good thing.

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