Leap Motion Controller

Product Classification: Motion Controllers

Title: Leap Motion Controller

Release Date: 2013

Manufacturer: Leap Motion

Included: user manual, warranty, cables, connectors

The Leap Motion Controller is a device that is breaking new ground without getting pretentious about it. Using this product allows you to make use of your finders in new ways. For example you can control your computer and other devices without sitting close to them. It is able to sense how your hand moves and mimics the natural motions that we use in order to operate the devices in our home. We love the product because it seems to be a perfect representation of whether technology is going in the near future. For example you can use it to wave, grab and even reach. At its best this product allows you to pick something up and then put it down again. If the technology is applied in different contexts then this might be the beginning of something really big.

As with most modern technology; portability is not a problem because this product which measures 3” or thereabouts. You can place it on your desk and use it when appropriate. The advantage of working with this device is the possibility that you will reduce the wear and tear on other items because you are not touching them directly. A series of taps and clicks can completely change the way in which you use your computer. Moreover you will be able to give you hands a rest especially for those people who are victims of the RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) syndrome. The range of activities that you can undertake is virtually limitless. This product will help surf the web or read articles without really touching the screen.

Those with a creative disposition can actually paint and undertake a number of art projects based on the basic functionality of this product. It can act as a paintbrush and has a super wide 150-degree angle. If you are looking for depth then there is a Z-axis for this purpose. It is the best way of moving your hands in 3D and then getting things to work as if you are touching them. Some have said that this is the step-up from the modern remote control that has become such an essential item in the home.

Through its intuitive configuration, this product can different between your fingers. Thus it is possible to change the instructions and make the controlled item respond to your instructions from a distance. The true capabilities of this product are illustrated by its ability to differentiate between rolling and pressing. Connectivity is not a problem because you can connect it through the USB port. Therefore this is the future of using personal computers and Macs. Those who are initially skeptical about new technology may take their time getting used to this product but we recommend it because it seems to be the future. Of course we are not yet clear on what kind of applications it will eventually inspire but we love the concept.

The Leap Motion Controller represents an advancement in technology which was previous impossible to conceive. You should own one; if only for curiosity’s sake.

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