Sony’s PlayStation 4

Product Classification: Game Consoles

Title: Sony’s PlayStation 4

Release Date: 2013

Manufacturer: Sony

Included: user manual, warranty, cables, connectors

The gaming console is fast becoming an essential item in the home regardless of whether you are a teenager or a young adult. Sony’s PlayStation 4 is one of the very best in this class not just because of the brand but because of the wonderful functionality that it delivers for users in all categories. The official live stream has confirmed the release of this highly anticipated product. It is the next generation of a console that has transformed the world of gaming with quiet confidence. The fact that it is hand-held is a triumph of consumer campaigning and the clever flexibility of the brand which tries to respond to the needs of its clients. The product features are as impressive as we anticipated and we also have some comfort in knowing that we are dealing with one of the best brands ever.

Product Features

The graphics specification is quite spectacular. Moreover this product promises speed. Many people were rather frustrated by the alternatives which seemed to get in the way of good gaming. Thankfully that is no longer the case because we have something that ticks all the boxes you can imagine. The product also allows you to personalize many of its specifications, a major advantage for those people who were tired of having to use features that were not immediately relevant to them. The social capabilities of this item are fully integrated. That means that you can expand your gaming experiences while enjoying the relative privacy of your home and personal account. The second-screen features represent an innovation that is likely to impress even the most determined cynics.

One of the interesting features that we have seen is the suspend mode which allows you to reduce the load time on a game that you have saved. We all know that there is hardly time to complete the longer games. Therefore this feature means that you do not have to face the consequences of the disruption in any significant way. Just switch on the mode and return to the game when convenient. It will pick up where you left off without requiring you to wait for a long time as it sorts out the internal controls. All you need is to press the power button and everything will be sorted for you.

This product comes with background loading. This will be useful when you are trying to play digital titles. Moreover the system updates are very simple even when the power is turned off. This product allows you to share videos and images instantly via social networking websites such as FaceBook. The share button on the Dualshock 4 controller ensures that gaming is no longer an isolating experience but one which can be shared with other people on the internet. Using the Ustream feature allows you to broadcast your progress. That means that you can share with friends the joys of the particular game that you are playing.

Gaming has never been better thanks to Sony’s PlayStation 4. With its powerful memory and easy functionality, this is easily one of the best products of 2013.

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