Lady Gaga: ARTPOP

Product Classification: Music Albums

Title: Lady Gaga: ARTPOP

Release Date: 2013

Genre: Pop Music

Artist: Lady Gaga

Producer: Zedd

Media: Optical Disc, Download

Languages: English (International)

Her tendency for outlandish fashion statements notwithstanding, Lady Gaga is a formidable artist who has managed to use modern social media in order to spread her message. It is from that perspective that we review her latest album ‘ARTPOP’. She was quite insistent about the spelling and other such small matters. When interviewed she says that there will be lots of fun and dirty dance music. This is a woman who has taken the cheesy European dance hall music niche and turned it into a money-making machine. Therefore if she promises something then we are certain that she will deliver. The title song has been dropped and there are a few lyrics to tell us about the general direction that she will be following.

Lady Gaga: ARTPOP Album Highlights

Many critics have slammed Lady Gaga for being a creation that has no authenticity. However we disagree with such an assessment because this is a woman that has effectively established a niche. From night club dancing and the occasion ‘poker face’ games, a young woman has found her true calling. She is not afraid to join causes that are not fashionable and seems to be genuinely interested in her fans. Of course there have been the occasional oddities including that inexplicable meat dress but overall her heart is in the right place. The other important thing is that she understands rhythm and has this knack for producing tunes that are just made for the dance floor. Therefore all the publicity stunts end up becoming a secondary consideration when you actually listen to her music.

The eclectic nature of ‘ARTPOP’ may suggest that the artist is preparing to move away from the stereotypes that have beleaguered her recent output. In interviews she talks of a newfound maturity which we are certainly looking forward to. Even the most successful formulas require an update from time to time. For some people this may be the first real album that the successful artist has ever produced despite the fact that she has sold millions of records. Zedd is producing and has promised some crazy stuff. The Little Monsters (as she calls her adoring fans) are going to have a field day with this one.

One of the things that we like is the fact that Anton Zaslavksi (Zedd) has refused to stick to form in terms of song length. This is not an album that is going to be a slave to genre. In some ways that is a relief because Lady Gaga has often been accused by people like Madonna of being a commercial creation. When we see her producing music that is not instantly recognizable then we know that she has matured as an artist and is no longer worrying about taking risks. In any case you should expect lots of drama near the release because that is so typical of the artist.

‘ARTPOP’ is a coming of age album for Lady Gaga. We certainly have high hopes for it and the initial publicity suggests that we will not be disappointed.

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