U2: 10 reasons to exist

Product Classification: Music Albums

Title: U2: 10 reasons to exist

Release Date: circa 2013

Artist: U2

Media: Optical Disc, Download

Languages: English (Ireland)

‘10 Reasons to Exist’ is the new album from U2. It is a well known fact that the band has been recording a 13th studio album. The title has been in question but it seems that they have tentatively settled on what we are reviewing at the moment. When speaking to ‘The Sun’ tabloid in the UK, Bono admitted that they have at least six names in the running for the title. This is supposed to be a fine comeback for the band and to show that they are as good as ever. It seems that the enthusiasm of the group is reflected through their willingness to discuss the current status of the project.

U2: 10 reasons to exist Album Highlights

One of the notable things about the production process for this album is the fact that the group is willing to take its time (even a decade) as long as they get it right. At this stage in their career U2 can ill-afford a run of bad outings. With time the voices begin to fray and the members get a bit slower. Therefore it is the time to make comfortable classics rather than aiming for the dazzling heights of youth. Although the fans are going to be disappointed that there is no quick fix, at least there is evidence that the band is genuinely trying to ensure that they produce a high quality product that is worthy of their name. There is nothing more pathetic than a great band that is past its sell-by-date. We sincerely hope that we will have something decent to remind us of the great days.

It was only last year that Bono told fans that they had the best three weeks in studio in over three decades. The last time they did something that satisfying was in 1979. Children who were born then are clocking 35 years of age now. This is a matter of justifying the existence for the band and it seems that Bono (at the very least) appreciates that fact. The pressure to churn out hits is not in keeping with the maturity of the Dublin superstars who have had a stellar career by any definition. More than anything else we will be looking at the technical performance in terms of the voice and instrument.
At the same time we hope that the band will not lose its authenticity during the preparation of this album. Sometimes the pressure to keep up with the times means that the legend starts to mimic lesser figures with disastrous effects. We are afraid that Sir Paul McCarthy did not have his best moments at the London 2012 Games. It would be a travesty if U2 went down the same route. We expect substantial music that is delivered to a professional standard. The days of the fireworks are over but we can sit back and enjoy the reminders of the glorious past.

All of us are anxiously waiting to see what ‘‘10 Reasons to Exist’’ holds for us. Hopefully when the album comes out, we will fill that U2 should continue recording.

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