Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System

Product Classification: Home Theater Systems

Title: Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System

Release Date: 2013

Manufacturer: Energy

Included: user manual, warranty, cables, connectors

The Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System has a list price of about $600 but Amazon claims that it can offer it for as low as $400 with free shipping, subject to terms and conditions. For that you get 4 gloss black 2-way speakers from the Energy Satellite collection. You also get a glossy black Energy center channel for all your entertainment needs. There is a 200 watt branded subwoofer system which boasts a front firing port as well as an 8” driver. We love the patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround system which means that you get the highest quality of sound possible. This is the perfect product if you are looking for surround sound in a confined space. Moreover the product can be mounted onto a wall.

Product Features

This product has a depth of 3” as well as a driver Configuration3/4″ Aluminum dome tweeter with a 3″ PolyTitanium Mid-woofer. The Frequency Response Curve is 33-20,000 Hz and the product has an Audio Sensitivity of 89 dB. These are specifications that can only be found at the very top of the class. The Impedance 8 ohm reading is complemented by a Crossover Description of 2.9 KHz. It has a Speaker Driver Material Type of Polypropylene and can produce a Peak Power Handling (Speakers) of 200 watts. The Maximum Speaker Depth is 3” and the product boasts RMS Power Range – Amplifiers of 60 watts. The dimensions are 19.9” by 19.9” by 22.5” and it weighs 39.8 lbs. This works out at a shipping weight of 42lbs.

This formidable specification is the perfect complement to homeowners who understand the meaning of technological advancement. The high-tech components never compromise on quality regardless of the price considerations. The fidelity is excellent and a comparison with similar products will quickly show you that the price is evidently fair especially if you include the discounts that are available from outlets like Amazon. The four Take satellite speakers are sufficiently powerful to handle any file that you can think of. The speaker produces clear and rich sounds which will fill your room regardless of its size.
This product will give you no problems as you attempt to integrate it with you flat panel HDTV system. In fact that tendency is for modern gadgets to complement one another. Therefore compatibility is a major bonus for this product regardless of how you look at it. Moreover this product looks very good on display whether it is on or off. Some people might feel that this is nothing more than an extravagance for families that have more money than sense. However we are here to tell you that there is real value in the product. You will soon realize that it is not feasible to go back the substandard sounds that you are used to.

It does not matter whether you are running a high-tech establishment or are merely looking for a bit of convenience. The Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System is able to satisfy all these requirements for a price that is well below $700. It will be difficult to beat that combined package.

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