Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for iPad iPhone

Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard ipad iphoneProduct Classification: Virtual Keyboard

Title: Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for iPad iPhone

Release Date: Jan 2013

Manufacturer: Cube

The futurist nature of the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for iPad and iPhones is impressive. However portable technology is the order of the day and it is not surprising that such innovative ideas are being created.

The laser system is able to project a keyboard on any flat surface of your choice. You also get connectivity through Bluetooth as long as the companion device has been enabled appropriately.

For practical purposes this keyboard can work on the vast majority of laptops as well as the iPhone and iPad. It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts the best part of 150 minutes. Depending on the supplier you can get the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for about $180.

Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard Notable Features

Everything is amazing about the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard. Those dazzling features are squeezed into a tiny device. Once the virtual keypad has been projected, you can start to type. A realistic click sounds lets you know what you are doing. Those old days of hand-breaking typewriters are well and truly over. Likewise the problem of fitting a functional keyboard on a tiny iPad or iPhone is no longer an issue. You can simply get out your virtual keyboard as and when required. That is to say nothing of the street-cred that you are likely to get when you start carrying this thing around.

You get 63 keys that meet all the QWERTY layout requirements. Depending on your proficiency, it is entirely possible to reach the highest typing speeds available on a conventional typewriter. The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard allows you to undertake full-size typing regardless of the form factor you are faced with. The Bluetooth wireless connectivity means that you do not have to run around with a bunch of cables. You can use a finger instead of a mouse if choose to do so. Even with continous typing, the rechargeable battery will be able to last just over two hours. There is no need to install new drivers and a practical USB is available for use.

The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard is compatible with others; the Blackberry tablet, iPhone 3GS/4, Windows Phone 7, iPad (iOS4), Android 2.0, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS. The QWERTY keyboard is 19mm and conveniently set for easy typing. It can detect up to 400 characters for each minute (which is WAY faster than any of us two finger typers need). The powerful 700mAh built-in rechargeable battery should be more than sufficient for ordinary use.

Had anyone spoken about the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard ten years ago, they would have been accused of living in fantasy-land. However the limits of smartphone technology are only beginning to unravel themselves. We can expect equally dazzling accessories in the future. The great thing about this virtual keyboard is the fact that it does not make great technical demands on the user. You will not have to revise and memorize your owner’s manual before typing away with this unique keypad. It is simple technology that works on different levels.

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