Sony BDVN790W Blu-ray Theater System

Product Classification: Home Theater Systems

Title: Sony BDVN790W Blu-ray Theater System

Release Date: 2013

Manufacturer: Sony

Included: Remote Control, Batteries, Setup Guide, Warranty, User Guide

The Sony-BDVN790W is a great entertainment system which is brought to you courtesy of a famous brand which has made this genre one of its own. You get 1000w worth of power for all functions that you can think about in the class. There is a 5.1 channel facility for diversifying your entertainment experience. The Wi-Fi facility gives you the connectivity you need in order to enjoy files that are extracted from other devices. In other words this is an interactive product the truest sense of the word. The 3D1 Blu-ray disc home theater system promises a lot and if it delivers the specification then there will be virtually no competition for the top prize.

Sony BDVN790W Product Features

Every entertainment need that you can think about has been considered when creating the Sony-BDVN790W. It has a pair of premium 2-way front speakers. Its rear speakers are wireless and that means that you do not have to spend the rest of your life fiddling about with cables. The connectivity to other devices is supported by Dual-HDMI Inputs and 1-HDMI output specifications. The product boasts an in-built DecordersDigital feature with an item display of 2.9”. The product also has internet radio tuner technology which delivers the latest in information technology. Measuring 25.2” by 22” by 26.4”; this product is considered to be portable. It has a shipping weight of 37lbs and there are special offers from Amazon which you should take advantage of.

The dynamism of the Sony-BDVN790W serves as a preamble to the things that it can do. With its great sound production you will feel as if this is the limit of what technology can deliver to you by way of entertainment. The product is capable of dealing with Full HD 1080p8 Blu-ray Disc movies quite easily. Of course the authentic cinematic experience that this product promises is supported by the fact that it has minimal wire clutter at the back. That means that everything is focused on the production of entertainment rather than the mechanics of getting everything to work. The Sony-BDVN790W can easily handle 3D movies while offering you a fully cinematic experience with its exceptional sound quality.

If you wish to watch Full 1080p HD video content then this is probably the product that you should be looking at. Even where you have standard DVDs it is possible to have them upgraded using the Sony-BDVN790W whereby the quality of the output will be as close to HD standards as possible. Of course you always have the option of converting those movies to ED. The connectivity options on the Sony-BDVN790W mean that you can stream your favorite files including photos, music and movies.

At a time when the DVD player is well and truly out of fashion (thanks to smartphones and internet access), the Sony-BDVN790W is bridging the gap. It manages to create a great entertainment atmosphere in your home without costing you a fortune. At the same time the set-up of this product is so simple that you can consider it to be a plug-and-play item. For that reason we would recommend that you try it.

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